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Mating Cercopia

Mating cercopia moths.
I spotted these moths at the bio-station in Pellston, mi
a lady there was raising them for release into the wild.
She told me that after the females emerge from their cocoon
that they do not fly, but they fan their wings to spread their pheromones
into the air to attract a mate.  Soon after mating the female lays her eggs
then dies.

According to wikipedia the cercopia moth is the largest moth in North America



Dog Vomit!

Dog vomit slime mold

Gay Wings


Genus: Polygala paucifolia
Common name: Gay Wings
Family: Polygalaceae

Lobed hepatica along the White Oak Canyon trail at Shenandoah National park, Virginia last week.

A Spiders Web

Spiderweb @ PCCI

Foggy Michigan Morning

Foggy Morning @ PCCI


Sunset from the Hyla House