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Dead Man’s Fingers

Xylaria polymorpha common name Dead Mans fingers

This fungus enjoys growing on rotting logs.  Typically grows in clusters.
Older specimen turn black in age, giving them their common name
“dead man’s fingers”

“Polymorpha” means many forms, representing the differing
shape and sizes.

This Funji is not edible.

From the class ascomycetes, meaning sac funji
which is the same class of mushrooms as Morels!


‘Tis the Season!

Morchella esculenta (Yellow Morel) PCCI

Look what I found this morning along side the road!  I found 4 more in the same area and the rest of my class mates found a few more.  We gave them to the chef here at PCCI to create something delicious with them.

Rust Fungus

Puccinia podophylli - Mayapple Rust

Found this on the Red Trail at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute near the lake turn off.