As a city dweller I sometimes feel alien going to the woods, like I am interrupting something by visiting.  Like the high vibrations of the city resonate off my body and in the wrong key.  But through eating the berries and roots, and drinking the teas that sooth.  I am reminded of place and a world that just makes sense, something big that we are a part of and it is all connected and that is it.
     Identifying is my way of appreciating all of the wonderful things the world provides.  This blog is my method of learning and capturing just a few of these things.  My focus is mostly towards plants.   I am especially interested in edible and medicinal wild plants which I will try my best to point out on this blog.  But please, before you go out and consume anything make sure you know which portions of the plant are edible and that you are confident in identifying things.  I am not an expert.
     I am in love with the way everything in the natural world interacts and communicates.  The stories plants and rocks and tress can tell.  How you can tell the density of a deer population by the height of the trillium.  

My friend Eric posted this quote not too long ago:
“We are not going back to the old days. We are in a brand new world and we need to deal with it.”

Please understand

we are all just learning


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