The season of Goldenrod!

Goldenrod everywhere!  Such a versatile plant.  It’s genus name is Salidago and with about 200 known species I didn’t attempt to identify them any further.   They have several uses most interestingly to produce rubber which Thomas Edison was experimenting with before he died. (this site contains photos and info on the rubber he produced).  He was even given a Model T from Henry Ford with tires made of Goldenrod Rubber (wikipedia)!

Medicinal Uses according to Wikipedia:
“Solidago virgaurea is used in a traditional kidney tonic by practitioners of herbal medicine to counter inflammation and irritation caused of bacterial infections orkidney stones.[10][11] Goldenrod has also been used as part of a tincture to aid in cleansing of the kidney/bladder during a healing fast, in conjunction with potassium broth and specific juices.[11] Solidago odora is sold as a medicinal, for these issues: mucus, kidney/bladder cleansing and stones, colds, digestion, and a tea is made from the leaves and flowers for sore throat, snake bite, fever, kidney and bladder problems, cramps, colic, colds, diarrhea, measles, cough and asthma. A poultice is used for boils, burns, headache, toothache, wounds, and sores. Native Americans chewed the leaves to relieve sore throats and chewed the roots to relieve toothaches. ” **  Before using for any of the above uses please note that specific species have some specific uses.  Please do further research before using.  I’m posting this for now as I am discovering for myself how awesome and versatile goldenrod is.


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