Liverwort or Hepatica Nobilis

Used by native Americans to cure or liver disorders


2 responses to “Liverwort

  1. Is it still used for liver ailments? Some of those old cures have been time and “science” tested, others have turned out to be poisonous. Some will get you high. That’s kind of like being cured, right?

    • It is still listed on several sources to cure liver ailments. Anything can be poisonous if you have too much of it. If you can get high and it only lasts for a certain period of time then it is only a medicine. But if you can stay high for the rest of your life you are cured!

      As far as Hepatica goes” The tea is used for chronic bronchitis, coughs, fever, colds, sore throat, jaundice, bleeding of the lungs and early symptoms of consumption, liver congestion, indigestion, headache, gallbladder problems, and kidney ailments. Used to stop gastric hemorrhage and vomiting of blood. The fresh plant is irritating to the skin and should not be used on wounds. ”

      This is just one of many sources. But who knows… I’ve never used it as a medicine. Trust the interweb at your own risk.


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