Baby Starling

Adopted Starling

My friend was fixing up her garage and came across a nest of Starling.  She pulled them out and tried to give them to the local nature center but they wouldn’t accept them… so I adopted them.  This photo was taken about 5 days ago.   I have since upgraded their living situation and mad them a cozy next.  They have started to grown in some adult feathers.  I feed them about once every hour or two during the day.  The food is a mixture of wet dog and cat food plus a cooked egg yolk and crushed egg shell (for grit and calcium) it is about the consistency of oatmeal.  I feed them with the end of a chopstick.  If you find yourself with a nest of hungry baby starling I recommend this site it was very helpful.   I am now starting to introduce live mealworms to their diet.  It’s really cute when feeding them because they will throw their mouthes open for more and more and more and then suddenly they will get quite and pass out for about another hour.  Haha… isn’t that the life.


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