Ranatra the Water Scorpion

Water Scorpion 'Ranatra' - North Country Trail, Lowell, Michigan

I saw this guy in the same patch of cattail shoots as the Giant Water Bug I posted earlier this week along the flat river on the Lowell portion of the North Country Trail.  It was heading into the evening time and felt like it was about to rain.

From Wikipedia- “Their front legs are strong and are used to grasp prey. They breathe through a pair of long breathing pipes extending from their tails. They eat tadpoles, small fish and other insects, which they pierce with their beak and inject a saliva which both sedates and begins to digest their prey. They overwinter as adults, and lay eggs in spring. The females lay eggs in vegetation. The eggs take typically two to four weeks to hatch, and the young take about two months to mature. When full grown they are 4-5 in.”


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