Violets- Beautiful, Abundant, and Edible!

It’s spring the Violets are in full bloom.  I’ve noticed three different colors of violets walking around my family’s property in Comstock Park.  My friend Rebecca and I seem to thing the deep purple ones have the best flavor.  They also seem to be the most abundant in the greater Grand Rapids area.  Both the leaves and the flowers are edible!  Great in Salads.

They are also great for a tea and I’ve also heart of them making a tasty jam!

They have been used medicinally for centuries…  You can read more about there medicinal properties


Judith Berger in her wonderful book ‘Herbal Rituals’ speaks of the Violet as a restorative herb to those who have suffered either physical or emotional trauma like the “shock of surgery, chemotherapy, invasive diagnostic procedures such as pap smears or biopsies and sudden loss all respond th violet’s soothing energy.  The heart of women recovering from and abortion are comforted by violet infusion.


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