Garlic Mustard – Invasive – Edible

An invasive Species from Europe- Edible!

This plant is both invasive and Edible. The leaves can be slightly to moderately bitter with a delicious garlic taste.
When I first started identifying this plant I would rip the leaves in half and rub them between my fingers.
If there is a definite strong of garlic then you can confirm that its the right plant.

Great in Salads, pesto, pasta, etc
I made some garlic mustard pesto pasta the other day.
Really simple:
in a blender/food processor
fill the blender about halfway with garlic mustard
drizzle in about a tablespoon or two of olive oil
and a dash of salt

If you have cheese or nuts available they make a great addition

If you want to tone down the flavor add a little Spinach or Dandelion greens (tend to be bitter after they start to bloom).

Pull these plants up by the roots where ever you see them.  They are highly invasive (I had them all over my yard downtown Grand Rapids) and like to take over areas where the violets and spring beauty grow effecting the biodiversity of our forest plants.


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